Jury Information

The Selection Process

The United States Constitution guarantees all people regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, or economic status the right to trial by an impartial jury. The jurors must unanimously agree that the defendant is or is not guilty of the offense alleged.

The juror selection process for service on the Bowie Municipal Court is at random from a list provided by the City of Bowie Financial Servies Department. The jury panel will result in a six-person panel who all reside within the City of Bowie. Most cases in a Municipal Court are concluded within a few hours. Your employer is not required to pay you for the time away from work while serving on jury duty, however an employer is prohibited by law from firing any employee for serving as a juror.

Your Responsibilities

As a juror, you must be fair and impartial and able to make decisions free of any bias or prejudice. Each case, requires the juror to carefully listen and evaluate the evidence presented in the case.