Notice to Pet Owners

Licensing Reminder

Pet owner, this is to inform you of the City of Bowie Ordinance, Chapter 2, Article 2.1300 which requires all dogs, cats and wild animals over the age of four months to be licensed with a City of Bowie Animal License. An animal license is not only required but allows Animal Control to return any pet bearing a license to its owner. Just a reminder "a lost pet can't call home; their tag is their ticket home."

To obtain an animal license for your pet, bring your pets current rabies vaccination certificate to the City Utility Office, located at 303 N. Mason Street, and pay the required licensing fee of $15 (for an unaltered female) or $3 (for a male or altered female). The City Utility Office is open Monday-Thursday 7:00 am- 6:00 pm, closed on Friday.

Note: You should be aware that if you fail to purchase an animal license you would be subject to a fine for the first offense.

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