Pet Adoption

Finding Your Perfect Pet

Animals are available for adoption! Animals that are impounded at the City of Bowie Animal Control Shelter and wearing a current city license tag will be held for seven (7) days prior to their disposition. Any animal unclaimed at the expiration of the prescribed period shall become the property of the city and disposed of at the discretion of the city. Animals without proper city license tag and not redeemed by its owner within five (5) days from its capture and impound may be given to a nonprofit humane organization, placed for adoption, or humanely destroyed.

The adoption fee for dogs and cats is $25 (cash only). See Appendix C Fee Schedule in Chapter 2 Bowie Code of Ordinances.

Adoption Regulations

A person may adopt from the City of Bowie Animal Control Shelter providing:
  • Proof of sterilization of the animal is given to the Animal Control officer (sterilization is only required if the adopter resides within the City of Bowie; violation of the sterilization agreement constitutes a class C misdemeanor, and the animal will be seized)
  • The adopter pays fees related to rabies vaccination
  • The adopter provides proof after adoption that the animal has been spayed or neutered
  • The adopter signs a sterilization agreement and pays the required adoption fee
  • The person is 18 years of age or older
Save a life... spay or neuter your pet!