Bowie Beauty

Travel the Back Roads

cactus flowers

Beautiful Cactus and Bluebonnets are in abundance in the Bowie Area

Photo by: Barbara Green, Bowie News.

Spring in Bowie is alive and blooming! Spring flowers are in full bloom along US 287 and the back roads during the months of March, April, May and June (April is usually the best month for bluebonnets). Come check out the wild flowers in our area. Pick up a local map at the Chamber of Commerce office.

Travel along US 287 and then check out some of the side roads, US 81; Hwy 59; FM1816 and FM1806 out of Montague. Stop and take some photos for your album or simply just take in the beauty of our rural Texas living and wide-open spaces.

If we can be of any assistance in your planned or last-minute trip to the country, contact one of our staff members or the Bowie Chamber of Commerce. We can assist you with one of our planned motorcycle / automobile driving tours and with the best places to experience.

We look forward to being your next choice of destination!

Travel the Highways

Texas Bluebonnets US Hwy 287 Bowie

Texas Bluebonnets along US Hwy 287 in Bowie Texas

Photo taken by: Barbara Green, Bowie News.

Travel the highways and back roads in Texas during Spring to view some of the prettiest wildflowers anywhere. Along US Hwy 287 in Bowie Texas you will find an abundance of wildflowers in full bloom. 

Bowie Texas is home of the previous 'Red River Seed Bomb'. A business who once specialized in the spread of wildflowers. In 2011, this business was showcased on Texas Country Reporter and the business owner and Bob Phillips personally spread the seed bombs along US Hwy 287. The fruits of their labor showed up in abundance and Bowie is showcased with some of the prettiest flowers - True Artwork!

Each spring along the frontage roads of US Hwy 287 you will find an array of wildflowers; Bluebonnets, Indian Paint Brushes and Beautiful Buttercups.