Instructions for Submitting Specific Use Permit Application


Submit two (2) copies of a site plan, approximately to scale, showing the following:

  1. Off-street parking facilities.
  2. The size, height, construction materials and location of buildings and the uses to be permitted.
  3. The location and height of existing and proposed site improvements including signs, lighting, fencing, drainage improvements, landscaping, etc.
  4. The location and dimension of boundary lines, easements and required setback of all existing and proposed buildings.
  5. The types of adjoining land uses.
  6. The means of ingress and egress to public streets.


  1. City of Bowie staff will notify property owners within 200 feet of the site at least ten (10) days prior to considering application.
  2. The staff report on your application may be obtained ten (10) days after notification to property owner within 200 feet.

If you have questions, please call (940-) 872-1114 x131.