Wastewater Treatment

Responsibilities & Services

The Bowie Water and Wastewater Treatment Department sells drinking water to the Amon Carter Water Supply District and treats both drinking water and wastewater for the City of Bowie. In all, the department maintains two raw water pump stations and 18 lift stations.

There are two (2) departments that oversee the operations of City Business:

  1. Water & Wastewater Treatment Facility - oversee the maintenance and water supply quality and quantity for the customers and oversee the maintenance and operations of the wastewater collection system.
  2.  Wastewater Collections System

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Wastewater Collections System

The Wastewater Collection System is monitored by City Crews and closely managed to meet all Federal and State regulatory requirements issued by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Water Treatment Facility

The Water Utility Team is responsible for providing safe drinking water to the citizens of Bowie. The water is stored and treated at this facility and maintained by the City Crew. Jerry Sutton serves as the water quality supervisor and closely monitors the quality of the drinking water. The City of Bowie maintains a "Superior" rating and extensively test the water to assure that the system maintains this rating. View the Water Report (CCR) by following the link above.

Bowie has a water supply of 1,600,000 gallons of treated water. Two water towers on the North side of the Community hold a capacity of over 600,000 gallons of water and combined with the ground storage unit at the treatment facility, it equals a total capacity of 1,600,000 gallons.

The main source of Bowie Water Supply comes from Amon Carter Lake.

Amon Carter Lake

Aerial View of Amon Carter Lake and Selma Park Amon Carter Lake