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Bowie Community Center


  1. Backdrop Skirting (optional)
  2. Booth Rental Space (optional)
  3. Handicapped Accessibiltiy (optional)
  4. Handicapped Parking (optional)
  5. Kitchen (optional)
  6. Projector (optional)
  7. Projector Screen (optional)
  8. Public Parking (optional)
  9. Public Rental Facility (optional)
  10. Restroom Facility (optional)
  11. Sound System (optional)
  12. Stage (optional)
  13. Tables 6' (optional)
  14. Tables 8' (optional)
  15. Tables Round (optional)
  16. TV Monitor
  17. Walking Track
Reservations and rental should contact the Community Center directly at the phone number listed here.  A complete detail of events can be located on the Calendar of Events section.
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