What should I do if my dog bites someone?
Even if the bite can be explained (perhaps someone stepped on the dog's tail), it's important to take responsibility for your dog's actions by taking these steps: Restrain the dog immediately. Separate it from the scene of the attack. Confine it. Call 9-1-1 if paramedic response is required. Contact Bowie Police Communications at 940-872-2251 to report the bite (this is required by law), provide important information such as your name and address and information about your dog's most recent rabies vaccination. The person bitten may need to undergo rabies treatment. Consult your veterinarian for advice about dog behavior that will help prevent similar problems in the future.

If your own dog bit you, confine it immediately. Contact the Bowie Police Animal Control Section at 940-872-2275 and have your rabies vaccination records available.

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1. What should I do if my dog bites someone?