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Home Occupation Registration

  1. Provide a drawing of the subject property identifying the following:

    All property lines and dimensions

    Size and location of all structures located on subject property

    Show distance from property lines to structures

    Show size and location of all driveways and proposed parking area

    Show nameplate location

    Identify square footage/area to be used for the home occupation

  2. I hereby certify that all information contained herein is true and correct. Any violation of the attached home occupation regulation shall be considered a violation of the regulation in revocation or suspension of the registration.

    The purpose of this section is to permit the conduct of some home occupations within residential district, which are compatible with the neighborhoods in which they are located.  Some home occupations are permitted accessory use in a residential district and are subject to the requirements of that district in which the use is located, in addition to the following:

    A: No home occupation may be conducted within residential districts prior to the issuance of a Home Occupation permit by the Building Official;

    B. Only the member of the immediate family occupying the dwelling shall be engaged in the home occupation;

    C. The home occupation shall be conducted only within the enclosed area of the dwelling unit, garage, or accessory structure.  No storage or display of materials, goods, supplies, or equipment related to the operation of the home occupation shall be visible outside any structure located on the premises;

    D. There shall be no exterior alteration which change the character of the dwelling unit and/or exterior evidence of the home occupation other than those signs permitted in the district;

    E. No use shall create smoke, glare, noise, dust, vibration, fire hazard, electrical interference or any other nuisance not normally associated with the average residential use within the district;

    F. The home occupation shall not create any significant increase in vehicular flow or parking and shall not create greater pedestrian traffic than normal for the district;

    G. The home occupation shall cause a significant increase in the use of any utilities, or general trash or refuse beyond the average of the residence in the neighborhood; and

    H. No more than one (1) advertising sign with a maximum of four (4) square feet on a non-illuminating nature may be placed on the premises.


    The following are examples of uses, which can often be conducted within the limits of this section.  Uses listed in this section do not automatically qualify as a home occupation, nor does this listing limit the uses which may qualify as a home occupation:

    1. Accountant

    2. Artist

    3. Author

    4. Consultant or Internet Sales

    5. Day Nursery (no more than six (6) children

    6. Handicrafts

    7. Music/Art Instruction

    8. Notary

    9. Sewing

    10. Tutor

    The following uses are incompatible with residential neighborhoods and thereby impair the character of residential areas. Therefore, these uses shall not be permitted as accessory uses residential districts;

    1. Auto Repair

    2. Barber/Beauty Shop

    3. Day Nursery (More than six (6) children)

    4. Painting/Bodywork on vehicle or boats

    5. Television/Appliance Repair

    6. Welding


    A use considered not within the scope of the home occupation provisions shall be subject to the provisions of the commercial or the industrial zones of this ordinance.

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