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Vendors & Solicitors License Application

  1. Other Person's Involved in Sale
  2. Vehicle's Involved
  3. Acknowledgement

    I certify that by applying for this Peddlers and Solicitors license, I understand any limitations and requirements identified to me by the City of Bowie and I will abide by these limitations and requirements. I further understand that my failure to comply may result in the revocation of this license by the City of Bowie, I further understand that any false information herein shall result in denial of this license. I further understand that by submitting this application, I authorize the City of Bowie to conduct a criminal background check on all applicants. Failure to provide a complete application or the falsification of any part of the application shall be grounds for the denial or revocation of a license.

  4. $50.00 Application Fee

    $200.00 License Fee, up to 5 sales associates

    $50.00 fee for additional sales associates

    Special Events permits - exempt from fees

  5. For Office Use Only

    Application Approved_____________

    Permit Number _________________

    Permit Valid for 90 days

    Expires on ____________________

    Application denied __________

    Reason, if denied


    Code Enforcement Officer Signature




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