Board of Adjustment & Appeals


At the call of the Chairman and other times as deemed necessary by the Board
City of Bowie Council Chambers
307 North Mason Street
Bowie, Texas 76230


The Board of Adjustment and Appeals is composed of five members and two alternate members.
  • Allen Leek – Chairperson
  • Jimmy Ashley – Vice Chairperson
  • Bradley Earp
  • Darren Gill- Alternate
  • Janell Rodgers
  • Don Smith - Alternate
  • Gary Shields
  • David Rainey – Secretary

Board Overview

The Board of Adjustment and Appeals determines and provides interpretations and relief from perceived grievances related to the city's zoning ordinances.

For more information, please contact Code Administrator David Rainey at 940-872-1114 Ext. 131

Variance Request Application