Uniform Patrol

Section Responsibilities & Services

The Uniform Patrol Section is under the command of Captain Kent Stagg and is responsible for a broad range of duties. Normally, officers in Uniform Patrol are the first dispatched to crimes that have either occurred or that are in progress. Frequently, the uniform officer arrives prior to the perpetrator departing the crime scene and an arrest will be made by the officer. In cases where the suspect has departed the crime scene, it is the primary responsibility of the uniform patrol officer to conduct the initial investigation and complete the preliminary report. Other times, Uniform Patrol officers assist disabled motorist, investigate traffic accidents, provide traffic enforcement, and conduct routine patrol. 


The Patrol Section is divided into two squads who are under the supervision of a Patrol Sergeant, working 12-hour shifts, providing around the clock service. Uniform Patrol officers, depending on need and resources, are responsible for combating the crime in an assigned district and for designing and maintaining community policing projects within the district.