Employee Benefits

The following benefits are among those available to eligible positions (full-time and some part-time):

  • Health Insurance - The City provides medical, dental, and life insurance for employees.
  • Retirement - The City matches an employee's required contribution of 5% to the Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS) with a contribution of 10%. The retirement program contributions begin upon date of hire. Employees vest in the retirement system after five years of employment and are eligible for retirement after 20 years.
  • Sick Leave - Sick leave is accrued on the basis of 3.10 hours per pay period (720 hours maximum). The Fire Department and Police Department accrues the 720 hours maximum at various rate per department.
  • Vacation - Employees accrue paid vacation at the rate of 3.0685 hours per pay period for the first four years.
  • Longevity Pay - Employees become eligible for longevity pay after the first year of service.
  • Holidays - Each eligible employee is paid for 11 holidays per year. Some seasonal positions do not receive holiday benefits.
  • Deferred Compensation - Two Deferred Compensation (457) plans are administered through Hartford and Security Benefits. The City offers payroll deduction and the employee chooses the amount of investment and investment choices.
  • Flexible Benefit Plan - Dependent health insurance premiums can be deducted from an employee's pre-tax income. Employees may also participate in a flexible spending account by setting aside pre-tax income to pay for unreimbursed health expenses and dependent child care.


This is provided as general information and does not replace any benefits or procedures as outlined in the City of Bowie Employee Handbook or in any other applicable administrative policies or procedures. These employee benefits are subject to change without notice by the employer.