Contractor's Registration Applications and Information

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Contractor Registration - Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Irrigation, Fire Prevention 

Contractor License- General Building, Demolition, Roofing, Fence, Etc.

When a contractor License or Registration is required

Requirement for a contractor license or registration is required by all persons working inside the City limits of Bowie Texas on all properties that he/she does not own, does not hold a homestead exemption and who will be performing additions, alterations, and/or deletions to the following: structure, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing.

When a contractor License or Registration is NOT required

In the State of Texas, a person living on a property with a homestead exemption is allowed to do their own construction, electrical, mechanical and plumbing work on that property and is NOT required to be a licensed contractor by the State; However, permits and inspections may be required by the homeowner.

Permit Requirements

When a permit for work is required; A permit shall be issued by the Building Inspection Department to ANYONE before beginning the project. All work must meet the applicable state and local building codes. The work is still inspected by the Building Department and must pass inspections. The permit process applies to everyone working on property inside the City Limits of Bowie Texas and properties connected to City utilities outside the city limits.

Homestead Exemption?

 A homestead exemption is provided to property owners on their permanent resident address. You may provide proof of your homestead exemption by providing a copy of your property tax statement showing your homestead exemption.


  • Communicate with your Building Department. A great source of information and assistance.
  • Doing your own construction work can be more than you bargain for. Do your homework first.
  • Know the building code standard. All completed work must meet all building code standards.
  • Water & Sewer taps with the City of Bowie must be done by City Staff, in most cases.
  • Replacing HVAC units requires the recovery of refrigerants and must be done by a licensed professional.