Amon G. Carter Lake

lake manLake Amon G. Carter is the lake to go to if you are looking to hook some largemouth bass.  It was ranked one of the top-10 places to fish for these types of fish according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website.  The best season to catch these fish is during the fall and springtime. Other types of fish to catch include channel, drum, flathead catfish and crappie. The lake is located off Texas Highway 59 or Farm-to-Market Road 1125 southwest of Bowie.  It is the largest lake in the county.  The lake covers more than 1,800 acres and is 50 feet deep at its maximum depth.  If you are on the reservoir side of the lake, there is no waterskiing allowed.  But the old side of the lake has swimming and boating activities to try and stay cool from the Texas heat.  If you are looking to stay awhile, the lake also hosts Selma Park, where you can camp, swim, or picnic.  If you need information for Selma Park please call 940-531-8106.