Code Compliance

Responsibilities & Services
The Bowie Code Compliance Department addresses and handles code violations. The department is committed to working with residents, public service agencies and other City of Bowie departments to facilitate voluntary compliance with City laws and codes. Enforcement-related issues include:
  • Environmental issues – Grass, weeds, trash, or debris collected on a property
  • Nuisance issues –  Junked Motor Vehicles or Boats,Tree limbs, Outdoor Storage
  • Public safety issues – Unsecured pools, appliances, or address numbers
  • Zoning issues – Home occupation, signage, or building use

How to Report a Violation

To report a violation, visit, call, or email the Code Compliance Department and provide detailed information regarding the suspected violation to the code compliance officer. Make a service request report with a brief description and complete with the address or location of the violation. You may also use our online Request Tracker system to report a violation. Once the complaint is received, a response will be given within 10-14 working days.


(6) It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly cause the deposit of grass clippings, leaves, debris, and/or waste produced in conjunction with lawn, yard and lot maintenance, and/or gardening, into and on the streets, alleys, and other public roads and/or rights-of-way of the City of Bowie.

(a) A homeowner, tenant, lessee, occupant and/or property owner is responsible for the deposit of waste and debris as set forth above, whether or not that waste or debris is deposited by the homeowner, tenant, lessee, occupant and/or property owner cutting the grass and/or maintaining the yard or lot or by a person or persons performing those actions on behalf of, or for the benefit of, the homeowner, tenant, lessee, occupant and/or property owner.

(b) Any grass, waste, leaves or debris that is deposited on the streets, alleys or rights-of-way, whether intentionally or inadvertently placed there, shall be promptly removed.  There is no "grace period" within which to remove the debris, grass, leaves and/or waste produced in connection with lawn, yard and lot maintenance or gardening.  Grass clippings, leaves, debris and waste shall be removed on the same day that the grass is cut and/or the debris is deposited.